Elite Office Logistics
Helping Facility Managers Meet the Challenges of a Changing World….

Our company was established in 1988 by a furniture systems manufacturers’ representative and a safety
engineer searching for solutions to the challenges of today’s office environments. The two principals merged
their expertise to develop a company with an understanding of the logistics and intricacy inherent to the changes
required for optimal business activities.

Innovation Makes Elite the Best Choice for You…

We offer a wide range of services that save you time and money. Our primary concern is to understand the
challenges unique to your company and identify ways to successfully complete your project with minimal
disruption of your business activities. We tailor our schedule to fit your requirements.

Trust Your Furnishings to True Professionals…

Elite’s staff is experienced and professional. We provide on-time performance with measurable results. We are
discreet and accustomed to security-sensitive environments. We understand our relationship to other contractors
who are part of the project team and we interface as necessary to ensure your satisfaction.
Elite Office Logistics